F1Fanatic Issue 29 now available

Issue 29 of F1fanatic is now available, featuring: Brazilian Grand Prix review Feature: Boring, boring football Japanese Grand Prix preview Editorial: Michael Park Media review #17 For all this and more visit www.f1fanatic.co.uk

Courting Valentino

Last weekend Valentino Rossi claimed his fourth consecutive Moto GP title and again fuelled speculation that he might switch disciplines to Formula One with Ferrari in 2007. It has been 20 years since anyone significant did this, and it would be fascinating to see how he performs. Mike Hailwood, Johnny Cecotto and, most famously, John … Continue reading Courting Valentino

Boring, boring football

?????ǣIt’s boring,?????? they’re all saying. ”The same people win every time.?????? F1 in ’02? Or even last year? Well, yes, but significantly these criticisms are being levelled at the 2005 Premiership football season in England. So should either sport pay any attention to the nay-sayers? The critics who insist that sport exists only to entertain … Continue reading Boring, boring football

2005: Highs and lows

It was a topsy-turvy season, when political unrest spilled out onto the race tracks, teams were bought and sold like stocks and shares, and the form book was turned on its head. We recall the moments that made 2005 – for the right and wrong reasons. Lows The United States Grand Prix Reams and reams … Continue reading 2005: Highs and lows

2006 Driver line-up latest

With Jenson Button confirmed at BAR for next year, the 2006 driver market has almost completely fallen into shape. The next major slot to be filled is the second Williams-Cosworth seat alongisde Mark Webber. Williams third driver Antonio Pizzonia is hotly tipped, although his poor working relationship with Webber at Jaguar in 2003 and recent … Continue reading 2006 Driver line-up latest

Has FIA-AMD alliance scuppered McLaren & Toyota Intel deals?

Andrew Murray-Watson in the Sunday Telegraph wrote yesterday that McLaren’s remoured USD$50m deal with Intel has been thrown into jeapordy by the FIA’s recently announced ‘strategic partnership’ with Intel rival AMD (article). A similar, smaller deal between Toyota and Intel may also now be off the table. McLaren and Toyota, as non-tobacco teams, may already … Continue reading Has FIA-AMD alliance scuppered McLaren & Toyota Intel deals?

BAR in Button buy-out

BAR have bought Jenson Button out of his 2006 Williams contract for an undisclosed sum and signed him to a mutli-year contract worth ???10m according to Autosport (subscription required). The news has immediate and dramatic ramifications for the 2006 driver market: BAR have one of the strongest line-ups for 2006 with Jenson Button and Rubens … Continue reading BAR in Button buy-out

A1Fanatic.co.uk launched

F1Fanatic have launched sister site A1Fanatic for fans of the new A1 Grand Prix single seater series. Billed as “The World Cup of Motorsport”, A1GP starts a 12-race season at Brands Hatch on September 25th and rns mainly throughout the F1 off-season. Drivers will represent their countries and 23 nations are already signed up including … Continue reading A1Fanatic.co.uk launched

F1Fanatic Issue #28 now available

Issue 28 of F1Fanatic is now available, featuring: Brazilian Grand Prix preview: Can Alonso wrap up the championship at Interlagos? Feature: Points mean prizes. How the points system has shaped the championship battle Editorial: Countdown to A1. The all-new A1 Grand Prix series is almost upon us For all this and more visit: www.f1fanatic.co.uk

Points mean prizes

It is virtually assured that Fernando Alonso will be the 2005 champion – if not at Brazil then in a couple of weeks’ time. He deserves it because, while he has not been the fastest driver in the class of 2005, he has been the most consistent finisher at the front end of the field. … Continue reading Points mean prizes

Countdown to A1

In 1950 the Formula One World Championship was invented. And we looked upon it and we saw that it was good. And then we asked, ?????ǣbut what shall we do during the winter??????? Happily, in 2005, it seems we finally have an answer. The A1 Grand Prix series – the ?????ǣWorld Cup of Motorsport?????? – … Continue reading Countdown to A1