Banned: Lotus-Cosworth 88 & 88B


Colin Chapman’s Lotus 88 was a victim of fraught political tensions at a time when the governing body and the British team were at each other’s throats over the rules of the sport.

Red tyre revolution

The first half-baked, half-assed shambles of a ruling for 2007 has got the F1 community chattering. Formula One will borrow the ‘Red Tyre Rule’ from Champ Car this year – albeit with one key difference that almost appears designed to make the whole thing as confusing and opaque as possible. For all this we have … Continue reading Red tyre revolution

2007 testing round-up 1

A look back at this week’s testing as the Formula 1 teams get ready for the 2007 season. Both McLaren and Ferrari suffered with heavy crashes damaging their new cars and poor weather interfering with their test regimes. Honda are ironing out bugs in the RA107 that caused Jenson Button to stop twice.

F1 in the blogs 15

Our regular look at the latest material in F1 blogs including the Post of the Week. This week, a fierce row over customer cars, Prodrive get ready to go racing, and Formula One cars driving upside-down. Or maybe not.

F1 in the news 21

A sackful of stories in the F1 news this month. Including interviews with Bernie Ecclestone, Damon Hill, Juan Pablo Montoya and Lewis Hamilton plus possible future Grands Prix in Abu Dhabi and Greece, Prodrive getting ready to make their F1 debut in 2008 and loads more.

Banned: Flexi-wings


A new series looking at F1’s banned technologies begins with an aerodynamic tweak that was the centre of controversy last year: flexi-wings.