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Rate the race: 2016 Italian Grand Prix

2016 Italian Grand Prix

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What did you think of today’s race? Share your verdict on the Italian Grand Prix.

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149 comments on “Rate the race: 2016 Italian Grand Prix”

  1. 5. One or two great overtakes but otherwise dull

    1. 8! I loved it! And now we have a two point diff between one and two in the championship.
      And props to Rosberg for a perfect race, and for winning those very impolite booing hooligan tifosis over.

      1. Same, fantastic for the championship, lots of great racing. Podium was nuts.

      2. Ok ! but it is rate The Race, not the state of the championship so far.

    2. Gave it a seven but with a sense that something was missing.

  2. Great example why Monza’s contract renewal was a bad thing for the sport. 3/10.

    Year after year Monza and Monaco produces the worst races of the season. History this, heritage that… Time to move on.

    1. Monza is the ultimate track of speed. I think it ranks the dominant engines and cars in the field. It’s brilliant.

      1. @crunch So you enjoy the cars running in the same order through the race?

        1. Yes actually. I didn’t mind it.

          I know what to expect when I sit down to watch Monza. I didn’t have high hopes. I’m placated by just seeing the podium and the Tifosi. That’s it.

          Monza has an identity, and that identity is integral to Formula1. We need races like this.

          1. -100

          2. I agree. Monza or Monaco doesn’t produce the best racing but they do both on one hell of a show. The podiums at Monza are better than most races all season.

        2. I love it. It’s fast, the passes have to be worked for, the crowd is passionate and it’s one of the most iconic races of the season.

          It’s hard to get as excited about Baku or COTA. Even though, they may well produce more exciting racing.

    2. Remind me how bad the Monaco GP was this year?

      1. Rain helps everywhere. Italian GP 2008 was also brilliant, but they don’t make tracks great.

    3. +1

      Yet, Shanghai and Bahrain, tracks that are always criticised as rubbish consistently produce superb races. Monza is just boring

    4. @huhhii I couldn’t agree more. The two most overrated tracks on the calendar. How anyone can think of Monza as brilliant because they run high top speeds, they would probably enjoy Indycar more…

      1. Silverstone and Spa are also rubbish most years for many. I like them all, people who understand F1 would not complain about todays race it was ok, not every race can be epic.

        1. Spa is actually decent every year and it’s the best track. Always produces 7 or 8 out of 10 races. Nothing special but always has some decent action

      2. Monza is really a very unique track compared to all the others. Not only is it the fastest track in F1 but it is also really a throw-back to a by-gone age- the simplicity of the layout is something that just doesn’t exist in the go-kart-type modern tracks.

      3. Robert (@skylab007)
        4th September 2016, 23:45

        The problem is not Monza. The problem is the current set of F1 aero & tyre regs. Most other formulae produce exciting slipstream racing at Monza. Having said that I enjoyed today’s race – not exactly edge of the seat stuff but tense, tight & tactical nonetheless even if the result was never really in doubt. And, yes, I do enjoy Indycar racing…

    5. @huhhii I agree that heritage sometimes gets overrated in F1 but if there is one dominant team and significant gaps between most other teams as well, then no circuit will produce an exciting race. For sure, rain, safety cars, crashes and other unexpected things can spice up the action anywhere.

      Also, DRS once again spoilt what could have been fun today. Get rid of it and you’ll at least see some good battles.

    6. To be fair, Monza normally produces more action and overtaking than this year.

  3. 3/10. Two of those three points go to Ricciardo for a stunning overtake.

    1. Agreed. I’d put another point for Haas being more than honorable.

    2. Okay, but then you have to give some points to Verstappen too, because they both made a daring overtake at the end of the race and both gained a place.
      And that overtake of Ricciardo was almost as mad that you would think it was “Verstappen”. By the way: both were lucky that the opponent choose to be the wiser one (and the looser).

  4. Typical Monza.

  5. a leaf blew across the track with 8 laps to go, it was a thrilling moment

    1. Really?!? I missed it…dammit!

    2. @guitargraham

      Can you provide a pointer to a clip? I could go back and watch so I’d know at least SOMETHING interesting happened in the race. LOL

  6. Voted 2. Pretty terrible.

  7. These F1 starts have become as predictable as a lottery game, I gave this race 5/10 for the pass on Alonso.

    1. Hamilton’s, Verstappen’s and Gutiérrez’s starts were terrible.

    2. I do have to say that whilst these stats have mixed things up a bit half the point was so that the fans knew what was causing bad starts…

      That’s not worked. I had more idea when I knew that it was a software glitch. Now I know that for some reason Mercedes aren’t as easy to launch as Ferrari but I don’t know why and it’s a random fail between the two drivers every race which means we never ever see the two of them racing. Anyway dull race.

    3. @abdelilah To be fair, I don’t think Alonso was trying particularly hard to defend.

    4. “These F1 starts have become as predictable”

      Wut. There was quite a lot of position changes. Up and down the field. Predictable, it was not.

      1. @mike
        These F1 starts have become as predictable.. as a lottery game

  8. 6. I enjoy Monza for its speed and history but I have to admit it doesn’t always have the best races.

    Still it was an interesting race on strategy. The start was unexpected and there were some good overtakes with and without DRS.

  9. Why Ferrari didn’t split their strategy when they had track position (comfortably!) over Hamilton, I don’t know.

    1. I agree. Forcing Hamilton to try and pass Raikkonen would at least taken him off his optimum strategy and might have given Vettel a chance.
      But to be honest Mercedes probably would still have managed the 1-2, they really are in a class of one on high speed circuits. Maybe Singapore is a chance for Ferrari and Red Bull again.

  10. I loved it, had battles all down the field, although disappointing how Ferrari couldn’t challenge Mercedes, it was enjoyable

    1. @strontium

      Ferrari really failed with strategy. They could have extended their SS stint by four laps or such and had a long medium stint at the end and I guarantee they would have Vettel in second

      1. Or they could have had an exploded tire and gotten no points at all.
        3 and 4 was the best Ferrari could get.
        The Merc’s weren’t running as hard as they could, only as hard as they needed.

      2. Do not agree regarding the strategy this time. I don’t think there was room for improvement. But I agree that they fail quite often for a top team. In the last 2 races (Spa and Monza) they sent their drivers for another run in the dying minutes of Q2, although it didn’t seem really necessary (VET was P4 and RAI was P6, 1 second ahead of P10), but we’ve seen their drivers failing to make it to Q3 some other times because they did not set another time… although it seemed quite obvious they’re not in a safe position.

      3. The strategy wasn’t great, no. This year strategies haven’t been their strong point. However I still think they’d have finished 3rd and 4th, the Mercedes are simply too good.

        1. If they used kimi as a pawn to destroy Hamiltons race Vettel would have had a chance at 2nd. That’s what Brawn would have ordrred for Michael….

          1. I thought they would do this, pit Vettel and leave Kimi on track until Hamilton managed to get past. It looked like the only chance of a second place. Were they afraid that Kimi would lose to Bottas ? I don’t see how nailing third and fourth was a good strategy.

    2. they are not fighting the Merc this season
      their real enemy is Red Bull
      so it is logical and reasonable to play safe and get 3rd and 4th
      if i am running Ferrari i would do the same
      of course that’s not what the fans want to see

  11. Wow, that was chockingly boring

    1. The Blade Runner (@)
      5th September 2016, 10:49

      Yep. Put into even greater perspective by a thrilling British MotoGP race which was on at the same time!

  12. What a dull race, very little of interest going on, an excitement free ninety minutes.

    1. The most interesting part of the ’16 IGP was Lewis sulking after the race … “Poor you”

    2. It was actually 77.5 minutes.

      1. Which was the only upside today… Nicely short

      2. It seemed much longer

  13. there was a race?

    well, Indycar is on at the Glen, there’s that…

  14. 7-8. Quite good racing for Monza.

  15. One of those races won at the start… pretty common trend this year.

  16. That was an amazingly dull race, with only 2 or 3 overtakes of notice and no one performing particularly well. Rosberg won on Hamilton’s poor start alone as he didn’t perform any better or worse then usual and, when traffic wasn’t an issue, was still 2 to 3 tenths a lap slower then Hamilton. Of course, by that point it meant nothing.

    1. @wildfire15 I think you should check on that 2 to 3 tenths slower again.

    2. I’m sorry, what? Were we watching the same race?

    3. Evenly match, but probably Hamilton had 1-2 tenths maximum which means that, whoever is behind has a man… seriously… nightmare of a chance to overtake the other… It’s been like that most of the time, whoever is behind will have a harder time…

      1. Pretty much, the Mercedes is terrible in turbulent air. Rosberg did what was expected in clear air, but those few times the pair were in pretty much the same situation without traffic Hamilton was the quicker. By that point it meant little as he lost so much time behind Bottas early on.

  17. Monza is never racy, with that in mind this was very good.

  18. If Fernando Alonso didn’t take the fastest lap on L52 there would have been nothing to remember from this race. Just one of those below average races that make us appreciate races like Spa more.

    1. What about Ricciardo’s pass? Just like Hamilton in 2007!

      1. What is it about Fins getting taken up the inside at Monza?


  19. 3.

    Dull, dull on track. Racing was the complete opposite of the fans in the grandstands and trackside bankings!

  20. 4/10. Just boring but what you expect if the field is so uncompetitive at the front. Monza spreads the fields the most since 2014 because it puts the most emphasis on the engine plus one-stop race and the boring race is a clear result. But the tifosi are awesome and I can’t imagine F1 without this racetrack. Like one above said, this is temple of speed.

  21. Nobody here mentioning Alonso laughing? Was easily worth an extra-point for the race.

    1. @crammond

      I suspect Alonso’s relationship with the team has hit the rocks now. I think we can expect Jenson back in 2018

      1. Problem is that being so slow on straights really,really frustrates him and also me as viewer. Since he is Spaniard he shows much more emotions when unhappy as for example English man like Jenson. All in all if 2017 car is a dud(can’t fight at list for podiums) i can really see him retiring maybe before season ends and JB back in the car. But i have hopes Honda finally realized that it needs bigger turbo and Mclaren realized that size zero is a dud in engine dominated F1.

    2. 1. Alonso laughing radio message
      2. Alonso pitting for new tyres near the end of the race to get FLAP
      3. Riccardo brilliant pass

      nothing else, this race to me is quite boring and i scored it 4

  22. petebaldwin (@)
    4th September 2016, 14:29

    Another DRS fest decided by who has the best engine. Ah well. Singapore should be good.

    1. petebaldwin (@)
      4th September 2016, 14:33

      Gave it a 3. 1 for Ricciardo’s pass, one for Alonso’s laugh and one for a Ferrari on the podium at Monza.

      1. and even the best pass of the race was supplied by DRS

  23. Dreadful and dreary. Heritage aside, no idea why Monza is so popular. Races are invariably boring. Overtaking sure but only two moves at most were anything other than inevitable. 4/10

  24. Dire. Could predict the top 6 from the end of the first lap. F1 has all but lost the entertainment factor, sadly. There’s been a few good races this season, but today was a pretty typical race nowadays.

    Like Alonso, unless 2017 brings some fun back into the sport I’m probably going to leave it behind. It sounds dramatic but I’ve really got better things to do.

    Oh… and Eddie Jordan doing the podium… :(

  25. Rather disappointing, really.
    DRS supplied almost every overtake that I saw, but I may have dozed off for a few laps!
    One stand-out moment was Hamilton taking a different line into Parabloica to give him maximum straight line acceleration on the way out, but I can’t remember who he passed . . .

    1. Bottas… and yeah I dozed off too..

    2. @NickWyatt Last year I was sitting right at the start/finish straight in the Monza grandstands. I saw a lot of overtakes but they were dull and predictable. If I saw that a car had got alongside another car with the help of DRS, there was no need to keep watching the maneuver on the big TV screen because such attempts would always be successful. I think the same thing happened this year.

      As for ‘dozing off’, the start of the European races is on 15:00 Latvian time, which coincides with my afternoon nap time… The Italian GP was certainly not good enough to keep me awake so I used a big cup of tea for that! Ricciardo’s move on Bottas and the way Verstappen got past Perez helped as well but it was too little, too late.

  26. Very boring

  27. 5/10 is a generous score. It includes an additional point for Ricciardo’s brave move on Bottas.
    Monza is power circuit and Mercedes Benz has a powerful engine. So, it was expected to have a front row finish for the factory team. But to do that on medium tyres….now that shows how much performance gap there is. I am still confused why Ferrari did what they did with their strategy.

  28. 6/10

    Tried to focus on the race but found myself distracted as there wasn’t much…as expected with the gap Mercs had over Ferrari and Ferrari had over others!

  29. The most tense moment of that Grand Prix was when Eddie Jordan stepped up to conduct the podium interviews.

    1. nope, in the pre podium room HAM ingnored ROS till he (ROS!!) offered him a hand.
      Very bad sportmanship
      HAM has some serious character defects.

      1. @seth-space I agree. It’s weird. When Lewis is on pole it’s always Nico extending his hand and when the results are opposite, it’s still Nico extending his hand. I also noticed Lewis standing in the corner for a while. I understand he is disappointed but at least show some sportsmanship!

        Wearing cool glasses and jewellery would only make you popular to some extent, you’ve to show sportsmanship to truly earn the next level of respect!

  30. 6 for me. Would have been an 8 if Vettel got Rosberg at the start but a decent race. Ricciardo was fun to watch and the podium was as always pretty cool. Hopefully Singapore is a battle between the top 3 teams.

  31. Could have been better had it had more on-track battles for position.

  32. Not good. Hamilton’s start and therefore the result were the only positive things about the race as it provides a more interesting championship. 2/10.

  33. Halfway through the race and I’m off to watch Australia vs Sri Lanka in the cricket.

    1. Wow I would rather watch a boring F1 race than fake baseball

  34. 2. One for Alonso, one for Ricciardo’s overtake.

    Should maybe have given it a 3 for Button’s overtake or McLaren getting fastest lap, but didn’t think it deserved that much. Probably the worst race of the year for me… I can deal with little in the way of action if there’s a bit of suspense, excitement and uncertainty, but there wasn’t even that.

  35. 5/10, among the worst this year.

  36. I thought the race was OK. I don’t mind particularly if there isn’t much overtaking up the front end, or even if there is no direct wheel to wheel into a braking zone. I think what irks me most about current f1 races is the lack of tension, some of which is generated by the tyres. (I do acknowledge that we have had some very good races this year however)

    For example when two similar cars are separated by 10 seconds on track wearing the same tyres of a similar age, the chances are that by the end of the stint the gap will be similar. We will never get stints like Schumacher’s infamous Hungary 98 because it isn’t possible to run flat out for a full stint. And so even though we can think that a driver behind is arguably faster, or out of position etc pace is limited by the tyre overheating and degradation. And so you kind or resign yourself to the fact they aren’t going to bring down the gap and so there is no suspense.

    On tyres that could go flat out, watching Hamilton be able to run flat out every lap to try and make up for the start (there would be some argument that he should be able to chip away consistently if this was the case based on yesterday) , whether he makes it or not, would at least add suspense, whereas knowing that on the same strategy its unlikely takes that away.

    I know this isn’t the only contributor, and certainly isn’t a new opinion but for me this is one of the most annoying aspects of the current regulations.

    1. @jowen7448, Well explained analysis of how high deg tyres are ruining F1, unfortunately it will be labelled a “Rose-tinted Luddite” delusion and ignored by the current generation of F1 viewers.

  37. For me 1/10. boring race. Boring DRS overtakes. Only the start we promising but Ferrari failed to deliver a good fight against the Mercedes of Hamilton.

    1. This race reminded me how boring F1 is when there isn’t some controversy, thank heavens for Max Verstappen!

      Absolutely no racing happened today, Hamilton screws up his start? Let’s just wait until everyone pits.

      1. @paeschli, too bad you missed Ric hunting down Bot and making a demon pass to finish 1st non Merc/Ferrari team car. But yes, not that exciting, I gave 5.

        1. @hohum

          Yeah, that pass made me bump the score from 0 to 1/10. But I can’t get excited for a pass for 5th after 3 years of Mercedes domination.

          I’ve never been one of those “I’m done with F1” people, but now that I have started to work and got less free time, I’m starting to wonder if it makes sense to waste 3 hours a weekend to see the exact same thing happen week after week.

          Anyway, Singapore is next, let’s hope that my love for F1 will come back after a Ferrari or Red Bull win.

          1. But I can’t get excited for a pass for 5th after 3 years of Mercedes domination – yet you do whenever MV is doing the passing.

  38. There was some interesting strategy options playing out through the race and some decent passes but otherwise it was a dull DRS-fest yet again.

    I’m not sure that a season has been this dull in a long time.

    1. Inclined to agree, but while trying not to nod off, I was wondering if there was a technical solution to what DRS is trying to do. The issue would seem to be that because the cars can’t follow close enough whilst cornering then the gap for overtakes is too great, so we have DRS to balance it out. Do you think it might be possible to have a DIS – a downforce increase system – for use whilst cornering behind another car?

  39. Well, they drove 305 kilometers in 53 laps, that’s about it.
    Superb pass by Ricciardo, though.

  40. WillOfTheSupremo
    4th September 2016, 15:24

    3/10. You know it’s boring when EJ’s blatantly obvious attempts to make the crowd cheer are entertaining.

    Greek commentary managing to surpass Croft AND Ted in sheer ignorance still amazes me. Never again.

  41. Monza is Monza is classic, high speeds, tifosi. But strategy (good and bad) came into play, and seeing one of the predictably dominant cars blow the start was great. Ricciardo’s overtake and Alonso’s best lap were refreshing. DRS, as usual added some overtaking, but way too easily… 6.

  42. 1/10

    Bring 2017 already.

  43. Awesome overtakes… Well two atleast. Hamilton on Botas, … Showing DRS is not needed at all.

    And Riciardo on Botas, showing RBR driver can do a clean overtake…

    At start I thought awesome, Hamilton will make it interesting for us, but it became clear fast, that he threw away any chance of contested race win.

  44. Matt (@hamiltonfan1705)
    4th September 2016, 15:49

    Awful race.

    Dunno what it is, all the support races were more exciting… I mean look at the Saturday GP2 race.

    I think to improve F1, they should incorporate GP2 like technical regulations, obviously each car has to be produced by the team. But if all the cars were GP2 like, it would be cheaper, the field would be closer, the cars would be harder physically to drive, the complexity would be down.

    In fact there is a saying that a gp2 car is more like an f1 car than a current f1 car

    1. Youre incorporation would be the last nail into the coffin of the F1. The development should be unstopped and testing too. If this would happen we would have Mercedes, Ferrari, Mclaren, Redbull and maybe even Renault fighting for wictories every race. Instead we have Mercedes dominating the field 3 consecutive years in a row. And i cant imagine an F1 field made of same cars – it would be silly to watch. The engines and transmissions need to become much more fragile, racing more pure without DRS and sport needs to become more sponsor atractive (which u get with interesting and technically advanced sport). We had that in late 90s and early 00s and they gambled and lost it all with the greed for money from the leading people in the sport…

  45. Yawn-inducing drivel. 3/10.

  46. Dreadful DRS. And I hate to say it because I’m pro these engines, but Monza does suffer from lack of engine noise when the race is so bad.

    If only they didn’t have more dowforce next year on the cars but *just* widened the tyres. Anyway, I’ve been harping on about this for years, are you sick of it yet?