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I’ve just had an interview with Sky News about Felipe Massa’s recovery. Happily the news on the Brazilian’s condition is much more positive than it was when I was on their last week and he gave his first (real) interview to the press today.

Thanks once again to lookingspiffy via Twitter who captured the video (which on reflection perhaps gives her too much power…)

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32 comments on “Interview: Me on Massa on Sky (Video)”

  1. Way to go Keith, nicely done and making a habit of it indeed!

    It seemed to me like you’d just cut away from a Massa interview? Is there any way we can see that on here also (or did Sky say no?)

      1. Cheers!

        1. Not the greatest of interviewers there but absolutely brilliant to see Felipe chatting and coming across perfectly alright.

          Not bad after having the equivalent of a sledgehammer swung into your head…

  2. Are you not on Sky’s books yet?!

    1. Might have to ask next time. Although it’s saving me £1.10 on the tube each time!

  3. I’m under the impression that you’re getting more and more comfortable in front of the camera, Keith.

    1. Thanks Damon :-)

  4. Doing a great job as always Keith. I’m curious – do you see much of a spike in traffic here after one of your TV appearances?

    1. Nah not really, but my ego goes through the roof :-)

      1. And you look *so* pretty on TV! :)

  5. Another good one Keith, I loved the comment about Schumi being the silver lining on the Massa cloud, sums the whole thing up quite well.

    Hopefully Massa will make a full recovery but it’s going to be great having Schumi back for a while.

    Hope they kept the make-up to a minimum :-)

  6. BWAHAHAHA, etc. ;)

  7. Sush Meerkat
    3rd August 2009, 23:13

    Keith, you need to stop using “errr” and “ermm” when thinking of an answer.

    My mother used to cane me for saying that in English, and I’m French, an Englishman such as yourself shouldn’t be using such language dude.

    Other than that it was great to finally see you on Sky while I had my dinner.

    1. I agree – I know it’s difficult but the ‘errs’ and ‘erms’ do add up rapidly! Well done anyway though, I bet it was an exciting experience :-)

    2. Um, I know what you mean it’s really, err, annoying. Er, but I’ll try to keep it in mind for, ah, next time…

      1. It’s when you start saying ‘for sure’ every third sentence that we should start to worry…

        1. I wonder if the drivers are also told to avoid saying “err” and “erm” and someone suggested to them that they could use “for sure” instead…

      2. Sush Meerkat
        4th August 2009, 7:44

        Um, I know what you mean it’s really, err, annoying. Er, but I’ll try to keep it in mind for, ah, next time…

        See that makes you sound like Seb Loeb! :D

    3. I did a media course for my work a few years ago, and got continually pulled up for emms and errs. But I have since emm.. noticed quite a few TV Journalists’ doing it on live TV.

  8. You know, from some angles you kinda look like Sebastien Bourdais. lol. Its probably the glasses.

  9. Congrats, well done!

    Still on the subject, what do you guys think about putting Schumacher back to drive, and not Ferrari’s test drivers? Why do they have these backup guys, if they don’t use them when needed?
    And of course, they asked the man to test the new car (and it seems 3 teams weren’t ok with that – me neither)…

    Just hope Massa comes back soon!!

  10. Nice, well done

  11. Keith, so I guess you’re becoming some sort of minor celebrity in the UK huh? It seems like every other week you’re on SKY as the expert F1 commentator. They even put the website up on this broadcast.

    I’m American, so excuse my ignorance with this question. Is SKY like a 24 hours news channel and do they have regular F1 news segments?

    1. SKY is the British satellite TV provider.

      SKY News is the British equivalent of FOX News, both are owned by Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation.

      It is a 24-hour rolling news channel.

      Don’t know about their F1 coverage as the only time I watch it is when Keith is on there but I’m sure someone who does watch it regularly can enlighten us.

      1. Sky doesn’t have F1 rights in Britain, BBC do, so their F1 coverage is generally confined to what they get into their news programming.

  12. congrats on the interview and coverage, you handled yourself very well :)

    sky could have asked some better questions, but you answered what they asked well, and the throw in of the 20 years between 2 WC’s in a team showed you really do have knowledge of the sport, helps to build trust and respect in the community (media) and should help with gaining future interviews no doubt :)

    1. Thanks Todd – I really expected more about Schumacher and I kind of led things there with one of my answers but I guess they were more interested in Massa!

  13. HounslowBusGarage
    4th August 2009, 14:17

    Good interview. Congrats Keith. . . . or should that be “Mr Collantine” now?

    1. Still Keith, please!

  14. Wow, I only know how you look from the picture at the bottom of your webpage, and I have to say, you have lost a lot of weight!

  15. Great interview Keith. They should get you on Five Live or something… not saying you are ugly by the way! lol

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